Turbo – Movie Review

Summary: Turbo (Ryan Reynolds), or rather Theo (for that is what his name originally is), dreams to race in the Indianapolis 500, alongside his hero Guy Gagné (Bill Hader) (pronounced ‘Ghee Gone-yeh’. His only problem is that Theo is a garden snail, a creature which he believes to be the slowest animal ever. Theo tries to race, but all the other snails laugh at him, knowing he will never be able to race with cars at all, much less in the Indy 500. However, this soon changes when Theo swallows a large amount of Nitrous-Oxide and gains the powers of a racing car – in his snail body. Theo, along with his pessimistic brother Chet (Paul Giamatti), is transported to a small, nearly out-of-business, hole-in-the-wall type Taco Truck where he races other snails – and Tito (Michael Pena), the man working there, learns of Theo’s powers. Gathering up money with Tito’s help, Theo is able to finally achieve his dream of racing in the Indianapolis 500. Though they come across several troubles along the way (such as entering a snail into a race watched by the entire world), Theo is (SPOILER ALERT) able to win the race, beating even the amazing Guy Gagné and achieving his dreams as a racer.

Violence: Almost none. Several times at the beginning of the movie, a snail is carried off by a crow and one is almost run over by a lawn-mower. There is also a kid who likes to crush snail shells under the wheels of his tricycle, though this is never actually shown in the movie. One of the cars in the Indy 500 flips over and catches on fire, but no bleeding or anything takes place during it.

Cussing: I might have caught an OMG once, but it was under the person’s breath and you could barely understand that they said it.

Drugs: None.

Adult Material: None, also.

Spirituality: None, once again.

My Rating: I enjoyed this movie. It was Dreamworks, so don’t expect a thrilling plot-line with unexpected twists, but for this type of movie I enjoyed it. I give Turbo a rating of 4/5, because it was enjoyable (even if not the type of movie I prefer to watch) even though the plot was generally weak, cheesy and predictable.


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